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Quick, Quality Custom Coating Services in Richmond

We have been providing protective powder coating services to the Richmond area since 2003 and have been in the industry for over 30 years. Quality Powder Coating offers a large bake oven, wide colour selection and great customer service to help make your project a reality. Let our quality work make us your go-to provider of powder coating services.


What Can Powder Coating Be Used On?

Powder coating provides a durable and colourful finish on thousands of products. The electrostatic application process uses a positive charge to apply the powder to the object, which is then heated to melt the powder into a uniform film. Once it is cooled, the powder forms a hard coating. Most often powder coating is used on metal, but it can also be used on wood, plastic, composites, or glass. We specialize in the following:


  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • Finishing for all types of metal: aluminium and steel products
  • High temperature painting
  • Able to accommodate large projects
  • Custom jobs


Our procedure allows us to complete a wide assortment of custom jobs and larger projects that many companies can’t do. If you are interested in receiving a quote on a project please give us a call.

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